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"Kuźnia Pałysz" (eng.: Pałysz Forging Works) is a company whose tradition dates back to prewar times. Metalwork has been the profession of several generations of Jastrzabek family. The tradition has survived until the present day and it seems that the forthcoming generations will keep it up.

The company name has always attracted much interest, but certainly it is not casual. In order to explain the origin of the name, let us take you back to the seventies of the 20th century. At that time, Krzysztof Jastrzabek moved his factory to buildings left after an old mine. These were located in a village named Pałysz. Over time, the village became part of nearby Konopiska and its name went out of use. However, it was not forgotten as it survived in the name of the company.

It was not a big company at the beginning, but on the other hand, those times were not the best ones for private entrepreneurs, either. After the transition period, the company excellently adopted itself to the marketing surrounding. It kept developing and becoming more and more dynamic every next year.

Despite its fast development, it continues to be a family company. The owner has been joined by his son - Michał Jastrząbek. The owner’s daughter and her husband continue the family tradition running a newly opened subsidiary of ”Kuźnia Pałysz”.

The company produces forged elements for gates, fences, railings etc. The company has developed a very rich offer which now includes several hundreds of products while new unique patterns are continuously added.

"Kuźnia Pałysz" operates in the construction services business to which our offer is directed. Our customers are both wholesalers and retailers from all over Poland. The majority of retailers are small metal smith workshops, which assemble gates, fences or banisters using outsourced elements.

The industry in which we operate requires using a technology which is an interesting combination of tradition and innovation. Most machines which make the production line have been designed and developed by the company owner. These machines are unique for their peculiar technical solutions which have been the company’s strict trade secret. The production line has been organized in a pipeline way which allowed increasing the production and reducing prices of the offered products.
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Widok na zakład od strony wejścia.
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Nasi kowale dbają o to by firma była zauważalna wśród innych zakładów.
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Przy wjeździe na teren Kuźni znajduje sie mural namalowany przez pana Biedę
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Godziny otwarcia
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Każdą odkówkę, antabę czy inny wyrób można obejrzeć na ciekawej ekspozycji ściennej.
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Sercem zakładu są pokopalniane budynki, które zostały na nowo zaogospodarowane dla potrzeb Kuźni
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Zakład produkcyjny: ul. Przemysłowa 5a, 42-274 Konopiska, tel./fax: 34 328 20 59, tel. kom.: 602 238 929, e-mail:
Dział handlowy: tel. kom.: 602 333 810 lub 602 810 333
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